About Us

We are lawyers,registered migration consultants and qualified education agent counsellors.

 We are lawyers, qualified education agent counsellors and registered migration specialists committed to providing accurate and up to date advice on migration and legal matters.

 We keep abreast with the current legislation through constant research and regular attendance of professional development trainings.

Australian Immigration legislation is very complex. The complexity is as a result of continuous amendments to the migration laws including migration regulation and policy guidelines.

Continuous amendment to migration legislation makes visa application process very complicated and stressful.

The consequences of lodging an invalid application can also be dire in the sense that an incorrect or incomplete application often leads to invalid application or visa refusal.

Meeting deadlines, passing validity test and compliance threshold becomes an issue.

When a visa is refused or cancelled the applicant while onshore is barred from applying for certain kinds of visa.

Visa Application fees can be expensive and these fees will NOT BE REFUNDED to you by the Australian Government if your application is unsuccessful.

Before consulting anyone for Migration advice we strongly recommend that you check the register of Migration Agents on the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority website.

In order to achieve a positive outcome, visa applicants need the services of people who are diligent, research oriented and experts in interpreting the legislation.

The legal profession is strictly regulated and Lawyers are supervised by both the Supreme Court and the relevant governing body of Lawyers in each jurisdiction.

We recommend that you use migration agents who are lawyers.You may enjoy some privileges above others if you do.

The Department is given wide powers under Section 18 of the Migration Act to compel people to provide information regarding unlawful migrants and Migration agents are not exempt.

However migration agents who are lawyers can claim legal professional privilege in response to a Section 18 Notice.

If you have overstayed your visa or had your visa cancelled or refused; it is important that you get advice on what to do and what options you have as soon as possible.

We recommend that you speak to a lawyer as the information you provide to a lawyer should remain confidential and is protected by legal privilege. Migration agents cannot offer this same level of confidentiality and protection.

Only a Lawyer can represent you in an appeal to the Australian Courts which have jurisdiction to deal with Migration appeals.

We are proud to be qualified, reliable, unique, and diligent and experienced immigration advisers.


Bachelor of Arts University of Nigeria, Nsukka   B.A (Hons) English

Bachelor of Laws University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus LL.B (Hons)

Bachelor of Laws La Trobe University Australia, LL.B (Hons)

Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, Leo Cussen Institute Melbourne (GDLP)

Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC # J247)

Organisations and Volunteer work Experience:

Darebin Community Legal Centre, (DCLC)

Whittlesea Community Legal Service, (WCLS)

Footscray Community Legal Centre, FCLC)

Refugee and Immigration Legal Centre (RILC).

Victoria Legal Aid (Indictable Crime Team) (VLA)


Nigerian Bar Association

Latrobe Alumni Community.

Leo Cussen PTC Alumni.

Law Institute of Victoria.

Member Darebin Community Legal Centre.

Board member African Australian Network.

Welfare Committee Nigeria Society of Victoria.

Migration Alliance.

Registered Migration Agent (MARA).